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    PR InfoSolutions also provides a wide range of career planning and development courses.
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    On-line consulting and coaching is a convenient and cost effective strategy to give you "Just In Time" job assistance.
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    Our main objective is to provide quality training to all domains of IT trainees.


These are a days of revolutionary trends in the field of Information Technology. One finds it often perplexing to keep oneself abreast of the rapid changes in occurrence there..Be it a beginner, or a learner half way, or a master for that matter, keeping track of the changing innovations is a real challenge.

PR INFOSOLUTIONS, our online training institute, should, for all types of IT trainees, be the right choice, as it provides quality e-learning content in almost all the popular IT certifications. If your goal is to master a new technology or prepare for a certification, you find PR INFOSOLUTIONS an excellent resource module to help you reach it at on affordable cost. Besides, PR INFOSOLUTIONS offers and provides a good range of professional developmental courses and training in soft skills such as customer service strategic thinking, problem solving etc.

PR INFOSOLUTIONS, in simple terms. is an online training institute, wherein you get online training in different IT tools. The advantage you have is that you can undergo the training of your choice wherever you are, that is the place of stay or living is no constraint. With the use of our latest applications, we provide a crystal clear and full motion video content.

Courses Offered